• Why Citeations.com?
    Citeations.com is a commercial demonstration of the Be•cite•able Technology, which is our underlying citation framework that enables users to create and distribute citations.
  • What is the Be•Cite•Able Technology?
    The Be•cite•able Technology is a citation framework that enables users to create and distribute citations, specifically citations that use Web 2.0 Content to provide a rich user experience through participation and interaction.

    As a demonstration, the Citeations Library includes interactive graphics that illustrate basic principles in high school mathematics: see http://ctns.co/2i3qc, which illustrates The Squaring Function.

  • How much does my subscription cost?
    At Citeations.com, both Readers and Editors have free read access to any content on the site; Editors -- free subscribers -- have the additional capacity to create up to FIVE(5) Pages of content; Pro Editors -- paid subscribers -- have the capacity to create up to FIFTY(50) Pages of content. For more information, see Be An Editor and Be A Pro Editor.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    For Readers, there is no subscription and nothing to cancel. For Editors, you may cancel your free subscription by writing us at support@citeations.com. For Pro Editors, you may cancel your paid subscription as described on Cancel My Subscription.
  • Can I really type math expressions into my Pages using the Text Command?
    Yes! On every web page at Citeations.com, we include Javascript files from the MathJax Consortium that enable you to include math expressions in your Annotations. For more information, see Licensing and Writing Math Expressions.